Smaller Molded Chocolate


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“Spike" The Watch Dog Bar in Dark or Milk
He will protect you from the donuts your co-workers bring to the office. Woof him up and you will have the strength to snub your nose at those tempting deep-fried donuts loaded with sugar. Nutrient dense chocolate gives you energy to make it to lunch, and if you eat a dark chocolate Spike, plenty of anti-oxidents too.
One Spike per package - (1.65 oz)

"Nautilus" Sculpted Shell Bar in Dark or Milk
Hear her call from the shores of Lake Michigan. Beautiful, elegant and delicious.
One Nautilus per package - (2.1 oz)

"Luscious Lips" Sculpted Solid Chocolate in Dark or Milk
Hey Babe, gimme some lip! Colors will vary based on artist design.